We love these photographers

These are the awesome guys and gals currently hand picked for Newday.

A quick rundown on why we love these profiles and want to share them with you.


@danpatitucciEscaping to remote landscapes and feeling empowered, these really caught our eye.

@JoseramosphotographyWe love these bold, powerful images, great guy on email, really passionate about his art.

@TourtheplanetJust wow—we explore the planet and want to add every destination to our bucket list.


@apothecary87The MAN club! We love these guys, they know who to follow in the world of beards.

@chrisjohnmillingtonChris is cool, fashionable and is living life!

@levistockeWe love Levi’s Beard!

@lukeditellaWe’re rating Luke’s style and his great mix of real life and modelling images.

@beardsandtatsAnother one of our faves, we picked this due to the balance of tattoo and beard lifestyle images.


@Mike22DMoody night time Cali photography—we like!

@sbdunkscarlAerial, city-escapist pics of San Fran, we just want to glide over these buildings—Birdman style!

@davegordonphotosDave’s a San Fran based photographer nailing the sun up/sun down above the clouds style photos!

@venice_life600Capturing Venice as it happens, these photos make you feel like you’re living it.

@annauppstromSunrise and sunsets captured on beautiful beaches. When we first saw Anna’s profile we thought—this is Newday!

@venice_sunsetsAs the guys at Venice_sunsets say—this really does give you a daily dose of ahhhhh.

@depictingveniceAwesome photos of venice—showing you what there is to love about Venice beach.


@jeredgruberA perfect contrast of urban and rural riding through some stunning locations.

@dolophonicBeautiful blue skies and windy roads.

@tokyobike_nycTotally cool. Chilled photos of awesome bikes.

@cyclrCool details of some stunning bikes.


@ianandrewnelsonCool ethereal images around Portland with a natural flare.

@coryacrawfordBeautiful photos of the elements. We need to visit those lakes!

@benjhaischSome of the most beautiful locations we’ve ever seen. An incredible wedding photographer.

@jontaylorsweetPerfect compositions featuring some incredible atmosphere.

@michaelgirouxA true artist. Beautifully captured locations and a cool relaxed vibe.

@jaredchambersEvery image makes us want to visit these beautiful environments.


@jenselterDamn, we are jealous! As fit as you can get!

@nikerunningRun often. Run long. Well, Just run :)

@laurasykoraConfessions of a ‘Handstand Addict’.

@underarmourwomenAll things fitness—powerful.


@interiorsmagClean, stunning interiors. Need one of these for our new office.

@4decorationA cool mix of warm lodges and sick flats.

@interiorsmagazineAny house with water flowing through it is ok by us!

@interiorlovingBig fans of the exposed brick work.


@ryanputnamBeautifully simple lines and some cool quirky techniques. Truly inspiring.

@kentaylorartBold visceral film and music posters We need to fill our office with some of these.

@jasonedmistonartIf you’re interested in film you need to follow Jason’s work. Period.

@signalnoiseClassic 80s cool. James has neon pumping through his veins.

Island Life

@tourhawaiiSome of the most beautiful places in the world. Literally paradise.

@nakedhawaiiIsland life has never looked so chilled. Need to book some plane tickets asap.


@seanwesWe’ve been a huge fan of sean’s for a having followed his tutorials and podcasts. His hand lettered motivational pieces are stunning.

@happstersCool quotes to live your life by.

@thegoodquoteInspiring thoughts to kickstart your day.


@EastvillagelivesWe spent some time in East Village last year, loved it and want to see more of it.

@ThewilliamandersonNYC like you’ve probably not seen before.

@newyorkcity_viewsNew York looks frickin awesome on this profile.

@Blueeyed_camAll angles of New York covered.

@newyork_inpicturesjourneying through new york—these photos capture extreme moments in NYC.

@ceos_downbeatNew York captured day by day.

@heavy_mindsThese photos our powerful and make a bold statement about NYC.

@jnsilvaIntrovert and extrovert photos—Spike Lee!

@kurtdeeCool style—from the viewpoint of the everyman!

@misshattanWe’re feeling Misshattan’s style—cool pics.

@nycFalling in love with New York.


@Nikesbcool mix of documenting the skate scene and the latest products.

@AndrematosHis love of skateboarding clearly comes through in his work.


@DC_snowboardingSnowboard in the city: https://instagram.com/p/vypD4VvM3l/


@Onboardmag‘Snowboarding: the physical manifestation of shapes, lines and creativity’. We also get poetic about our passions.

@snowboardingigXGames and some late night snowboarding.

@whiteoutsnowSwitzerland's Snowboard Magazine.


@FreddyboothNot only beautiful nature but also beautiful thoughts on the world around us... lot’s of waves ;)

@Jake_of_all_trades‘The best things in life are unexpected—because there were no expectations.’. We can get behind that.

@brentbielmann'Let me go out there and let me get one wave, just one wave before you take me in' Point Break—one of our fave films—we had to add this!


@coleriseAwesome open spaces, my favourite kind of landscape photography.

@wetravelpicsRegular portion of travel inspiration.

@earthxplorer93 countries, 7 continents.

@everythingeverywhereSierra Leone fire dance photo is insane.

@karlthefogGolden Bridge in fog: ‘not all those in the fog are lost’.


@Think_yogaGet flexi: https://instagram.com/p/zEe9-0CMlR/

@FitwithgeorgieBeach + sand + yoga. A winning combo.

@Yoga213'Be naked when you come home'—we do that!"